Man Pages

alt.sysadmin.recovery man page distribution. Found on Eric L. Pederson page.

Section 1 - User Commands

lart       Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
slave      a semi-interactive command for the dirty work
sysadmin   responsible for everything imaginable that may or may not have to do with the system you're using.
           Contraction of "system" and "administrator"
think      you don't have to think, the computer can think for you
whack      mangle requests to a printer or damage a printer

Section 2 - System Calls

people     fetch a structure containing all ttys, whose owner behaves like a human

Section 3 - C Library Functions

chastise   library function to punish users

Section 5 - File Formats

normality  definition of what types of normalities different users may have

Section 8 - Maintenance Commands

bosskill   send a signal to your boss, or terminate your boss
ctluser    control lusers
guru       System Administration
knife      tools to improve network performance via SNIP
luser      process to control the clueless induhviduals who (mis)use computer systems,
           peripheral devices and system administrators. Word play on "loser" and "user"
nuke       launch nuclear weapons at mapped USENET sites
pmsd       Periodically Manic System Daemon. Manages the bizzare and sometimes unexplainable
           behavior exhibited by computers

The whole lot can be obtained as the a.s.r man page distribution. The pages have been troff formatted, so you can install them at your site. This is encouraged.

Other man pages

rtfm       read the fucking manual
uubp       Unix-to-Unix beer protocol
dream      suspend execution for an interval while executing random code in memory
sex        have sex
baby       create new process from two parent processes