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Information and consulting services in the legislation of the Estonian Republic
  • Weekly review of accepted statutes
  • Collectons on different law topics
  • Codes
  • Statutes enactments and instructions of Parliament, Ministry of Treasury, Taxes Department, Customís Department and etc.
  • Information is based on the official sources

Secretary services

  • grantation of judicial and post address, phone, fax, E-mail
  • office work
  • grantation of nominal manager
  • grantation of judicial and post address, phone, fax, E-mail.

Book-keeping services

  • Book-keeping services provides
  • full book-keeping
  • composition of accounts
  • giving consultations and explanations on book-keeping
  • implementation of representation in state departments connected with financial activity
  • legal minimization of taxes.

Creation of the enterprises of any form of property

Economic activity in the territory of the Esonian Republic is possible using following organizing-legal forms:

  • general peartnership
  • trust company partnership
  • joint-stock company
  • commercial co-operative company
  • indinidual businessman

    branch company.
    Creation of the enterprises of any form of property includes full complex of measures, including registration in the Commercial Register.

Rendering of the legal help in civil and criminal cases

  • Consultations connected with civil-legal questions
  • Questions connected with property, rental relations
  • Immovable property
  • Stocks, shares, stock- and shareholders interrelations
  • Drawing up of the contracts
  • Labour disputes
  • Marriage-family relations
  • Expert conclusion of the projects of the contracts
  • Participation in the negotiations
  • Composition of the statements of claim
  • Representation of the interests in the court in civil cases
  • Consultations connected with criminal legislation
  • Defence during the preliminary investigation and in the court

Complex legal service of the juridical and physical persons

  • Giving the consultations and explanations connected with legal questions, oral and writing information connected with legislation
  • Composition of the statements of claim, complaints and of other documents of legal character
  • Implementation of representation in the court and in other organs in civil cases and cases of administrative infringements
  • Participation during preliminary investigation and in the court in criminal cases as representatives of the victims, civil plaintiffs and civil defendants

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